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Check out these awesome reviews and testimonials some of our patients have left for us on Yelp and Facebook!

"I am excited to share my story, I was walking out of Black Bear Diner, and walking to my truck I was approached by Arianna, doctor Tony's assistant, she invited me to try acupuncture, as I am not fond of needles, I said no thank you. Arianna must have seen me walking with a limp because she was sure I would not regret trying. So I did try acupuncture and what Dr. Tony did for me other doctors could not achieve over a 5 year span. He fixed my back and groin pain in 2 sessions. I have been walking around in pain for near 5 years, I can't believe this, really, Dr. Tony and this Chinese Medicine is amazing. He found my hip was dislocated and popped it back into place, now I continue to see him for extended therapy, and I took off work to strengthen my hip from being out of place for around 5 years. Because it was out of place for a long time, a new pain surfaced now after 2 months of therapy, with Sutter therapy and Pain Reduction Center treatments I am now at 90 percent recovered, I will start rock climbing again, running, all the other activities I enjoy doing that I had to stop because of pain. I highly recommend the Pain Reduction Center, it surely worked for me. It took Dr. Tony 2 sessions to achieve what other doctors and therapist could not accomplish in 5 years, and if Arianna did not try to convince me to try this out, I will still be walking around in a load of pain. Thank you Arianna for your convincing spirit and Doc Tony for knowing what you are doing, I feel it is your passion, I feel great today. Really."

- Patrick Toves (shared via

"Dr. Liu is great. I went in for help with knee pain, but he was able to pinpoint some other problems I was having and put together a plan. I am over 50, heading into menopause, have hypothyroidism, and am overweight. My former doctor wanted to throw pills at me, but I wanted to fix problems, not band aid them. Since seeing Tony, I now feel much better physically and mentally and have lost weight. Highly recommend him."

- Tracy B. (shared via

"The first time I came here I felt instant relief. You leave here feeling relaxed." - David Rice (shared via

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"I went in for lower back pain from pulling my back muscle at the gym. Had four sessions over a week and now I can finally walk straight without back pain. The doc is professional and knows what he is doing. The place is clean and is flexible with appointments. Only downside side is the language barrier but other than that, he is great." - Paul K. (shared via

"This place is clean, quiet and professional, with excellent prices for treatment. The doctor has tons of experience, and both he and the receptionist are very welcoming and flexible to any medical/physical needs. I always feel great after a treatment!"

- Amber E. (shared via

"Dr. Liu is extremely skilled and one of the best acupuncturists I have ever been to. Even though his English is poor, he is able to use translational software to bridge the gap and he understands your concerns. He is a genuinely nice person. The office is clean and all procedures are done with an emphasis on your comfort. The staff and Dr.Liu are very flexible in accommodating patient needs. I saw Dr. Liu for severe back pain. 5 treatments later, my pain was virtually gone (I was on the verge of needing surgery). I highly recommend this office!!" - Lisa M. (shared via

"We wish to express our deepest gratitude for the treatment we are receiving from Dr. Jincheng Liu (Tony) for our ailments. My wife Jean, who has received prior acupuncture treatments says this is the best she has ever experienced. Although I have gone to many chiropractors my wife persuaded me to try acupuncture for which I will forever be grateful. One of the things of many that impressed me was the quick results I received to relieve my pain after Dr. Liu's acupuncture and massage procedures. There are other benefits visiting Dr. Liu's office that are not visual or apparent in similar medical locations. The first thing that impresses you is the immaculate environment and the many conversational plants located throughout the office and lobby. The next eye opener is the sheets, pillows and towels that are snowy white when you enter the treatment room. This is something you don't see anymore in the tattle tale gray linens of most hospitals today. The next but most important thing is the man himself Dr. Jincheng Liu who is a true professional. He is efficient, courteous and patient who represents the best of the best to perform "Sincere Chinese Medicine". My wife and I, who are senior citizens, strongly recommend you visit Dr. Liu if you need treatment, you'll be glad you did. P.S. Another thing I almost forgot is Dr. Liu gives you a bag of nutritional snacks at the end of your visit. This is really novel." - Joe & Jean Meaney (shared via mailed letter)

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